Fifty Year Itch

: 1970, Oil on canvas, 30 x 30 cms. 2013

David Manley

I arrived at Art School to commence Diploma studies in the autumn of 1970 so 71 was my first year of being a ‘proper’ tyro artist.  Reaching 70 brings a full fifty years of practice around.  Back in 2012 I began a series of 1 foot square canvases to represent each year of painting that – at that time – I intended to be a set of 45 to culminate on my ’official’ retirement date.  Moving studio kyboshed that and those to date in 2013 remained boxed up at my Chapel studio till now.  However with the impending date of my 70th it seems a good time to push on – “three score years and ten” – so the project is underway again with the ambition to post an image of each in turn from April 17th through to June 6th.  I thought a short commentary would be an idea for each picture so that will be posted on this site through the same two months.  On Sunday 6th June I’ll post the series as a whole. 

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