Fifty Year Itch:1998, 30 x 30 cm. oil on canvas, 2021

For today’s offering one of the ‘dribbles’ – Tuscan Umbrella is a painting that was a retake of an earlier canvas Verpiana Brolly made in 97 and seen in the show in Leiden (it was the one in front of me in yesterday’s photo of the paintings installed in the Kunstcentrum). By 98 the ‘dribbler’ was going full tilt…and far more colour was pushing its way back in and the canvases were getting bigger. A growing confidence in the fundamentals of the process was taking place and as a result I wanted to be really ambitious in the production. Although I was still drawing on the experiences of travel there were also ideas forcing their way in from other sources. Portrait for Billy The Joat is one such inspired by the early short stories by writer and all-round polymath Ian Stewart.

Billy The Joat, 239 x 180 cm. acrylic on canvas, 1978

In this year there were more travels, to Ireland and to Athens, as well as to Italy again and it felt as if the Art School was getting back up to speed. All my colleagues deserve my eternal gratitude for what were pretty special times.

One of the real pleasures over the late nineties was teaching into the marvellous Textiles degree course, running their Professional Practice module. The Degree Show filled the University atrium with some sensational work.

Published by David Manley

artist & curator

One thought on “1998

  1. I like the calculated construction of the dribbles…..Tuscan umbrella being my favourite. The cerulean blue against the yellow is vibrant.


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