Sales of paintings have been very few and far between but todays work is loosely a take on Night Streaming ; the largest painting I have sold since leaving college – and it came through an online gallery back at that time.  Of course nowadays a helluva lot of work is being shifted this way but then it seemed quite exotic (to me at least).  Oddly enough my picture was one I’d pretty much ruled out of the running (for inclusion in any show) as, alongside Confluence (shown below). I’d decided the intense bright colour combinations were a tad too much.  I suspect Night Streaming went into some Corporate HQ in London – and was probably chosen merely because it complemented the decor!

Confluence (left) Porthleven Seven (centre) Night Streaming (right) in the Fine Art studio at Derby Summer 1999

In the centre of the picture above is a painting inspired by a trip that John France and myself had organised at the beginning of the year. We invited students to bid to join us on a research fortnight in studios in Porthleven. Both of us had strong connections with the far west of Cornwall and the studios run by ACME were available to hire. We warned the chosen group of students that January in Cornwall would be hideously cold and wet. Actually it was probably one of the mildest fortnight’s ever experienced in the county during the winter months!

A corner of the old fishing loft studios on Porthleven Quay…I think they are still there? Surprising given the desirability of real estate down there now…

Published by David Manley

artist & curator

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