Fifty Year Itch:2002, oil on canvas, 30 x 30 cm. 2021

“What is a man” said Athos, “who has no landscape? Nothing but mirrors and tides”

Pretty much a straight take on one of the later groups of ‘dribble’ pictures of the previous five or more years…all made on sheets of heavy handmade watercolour papers.  I had intended to have a group of these small paintings on paper in the show at Derby Museum but there was a lack of space in the gallery once I had shoe-horned in all the large paintings I wanted to show (too many really).

Installation shot at Derby Museum…Guitar Man on the back wall…the cabinets featured sketch books and ephemera rather than being a Damien Hirst pill piece as it might seem…

I chose the quote above from Anne Michaels wonderful novel Fugitive Pieces. It seemed to me, as I said in the catalogue for the exhibition that I titled Nothing But Mirrors & Tides, that it “suggests landscape not just as a physical presence but as emotional and psychological too”.

Three of the Shaving Air canvases in the Museum show.

This was a year of putting stuff back together. A new relationship, work on a relatively even keel, and, with that, time to think about moving the work along.

Beauty Of The South, acrylic on paper, 37 x 37 cm. 2002 – another of the series of small ‘dribbles’ on paper…

Published by David Manley

artist & curator

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