So today I reach the age of seventy, not especially ‘old’ by today’s standards but a recognisable landmark. And here’s the ensemble of images of each of the fifty canvases stretching from 1971 to 2020 – on the back wall of the cellar studio at home. We are fortunate to live in a space thatContinue reading “2021”


Way back in 1994 I’d included four small paintings related to the Plagues of Egypt in the show in Trieste. Just before COVID hit in early 2020 I’d begun a process of reworking these and building a piece with all ten included. I mentioned this to my daughter Emma suggesting I might abandon it againContinue reading “2020”


I’ve chosen another painting from Landscape & Memory for today. This one is very loosely based on one called Burnet’s Alps from the third and final group, around the Rock theme. At the same time I made a start on a new series of banner works whilst House Sitting in Dorset over part of theContinue reading “2019”


I think I began working on the Landscape & Memory paintings (that today’s offering is very loosely based on) back in 2014. I know that the first group of the three (Wood) that comprise the whole was part of the show at HMS in 2016. The last group were completed in a burst of activityContinue reading “2018”


Today I’m posting a painting based on another of the Very Like Jazz series. These I continued making through the year (and beyond) though most of what was exhibited were other pictures. More of the Geo’s were included in Colour:A Kind Of Bliss in London. Lucy Cox & Freya Purdue curated this opportunity showing meContinue reading “2017”


This was another good year for me painting wise. Alongside a large haul of ‘geo’ paintings I spent quite a time making panel pictures of varying sizes grouped together under the umbrella title of Very Much Like Jazz. Today’s offering is based on one such from that series. A small group of them made anContinue reading “2016”


Through the excellent painter Louisa Chambers, I was given the invitation to make a solo show in the New Court Gallery at Repton School. Rather than exhibit previous work I had it in mind to make a new series of small panel paintings based on an idea around the winter season. Shortly after having theContinue reading “2015”


Back in 2009 I started a series of canvases that I called Conversation pieces after the Guston quote recounted in Isabelle Dervaux’s essay in the book Philip Guston:Works On Paper. “In an anecdote reported by composer Morton Feldman, a close friend of the artist, Guston himself dreams up stories in front of his abstract works.Continue reading “2014”


Running the programme at the Mill over most of the year gave me an opportunity to show some material that likely wouldn’t otherwise have seen the light of day. I programmed seven shows (from May to November – see here for details) including two painting shows. The picture above relates to a very old paintingContinue reading “2013”


I’d begun thinking about viruses in 2010 and started painting them in oils in 2011. By February the project was well underway and it was given fresh impetus by another invite to show in Ostrale 012 the following summer. I was drawn to them for a variety of reasons, they had been very much inContinue reading “2012”

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