The central element of the solo showing at Derby (see yesterday’s entry) was a group of six large paintings titled the Shaving Air series…this picture is a version of the fourth in the set. I decided to punch up the colour somewhat as this is a painting about a painting and divorced from the original context.Continue reading “2001”


Sales of paintings have been very few and far between but todays work is loosely a take on Night Streaming ; the largest painting I have sold since leaving college – and it came through an online gallery back at that time.  Of course nowadays a helluva lot of work is being shifted this way butContinue reading “1999”


Halfway was reached yesterday…and in truth it seems like only yesterday from here on in! Another one that sits ‘outside’ the predominant mode of operation at the time, the ‘dribbling acrylics’, this painting is related to a series of eight drawings; Cones For St. Ives…  A mad dash in early evening from Dover to St.Continue reading “1996”

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