“What is a man” said Athos, “who has no landscape? Nothing but mirrors and tides” Pretty much a straight take on one of the later groups of ‘dribble’ pictures of the previous five or more years…all made on sheets of heavy handmade watercolour papers.  I had intended to have a group of these small paintingsContinue reading “2002”


The central element of the solo showing at Derby (see yesterday’s entry) was a group of six large paintings titled the Shaving Air series…this picture is a version of the fourth in the set. I decided to punch up the colour somewhat as this is a painting about a painting and divorced from the original context.Continue reading “2001”


Guitar Man In Lucca (on which this one is based) was mostly made just after Xmas 1999 but completed in the first few days of 2000.  It formed part of a large solo show at Derby Museum & Art Gallery in March 2002.  The original canvas was a remembrance of a concert by the guitaristContinue reading “2000”

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