Returning to the studio I desperately needed to pin my practice to my experiences…the picture Hot Rod (shown below)… is the starting point for today’s painting. But the studio was in a quite different place towards the end of the year – at least that’s my recollection. For the first time in this reminiscence IContinue reading “2007”


Struggling with a perception that the ‘dribbles’ were pretty much exhaustively mined I made only five larger canvases over the year but one of them…Three Kinds Of Matter was the best of those I did (it made the JM shortlist but alas not the final cut) and below it is seen with another that IContinue reading “2004”


The central element of the solo showing at Derby (see yesterday’s entry) was a group of six large paintings titled the Shaving Air series…this picture is a version of the fourth in the set. I decided to punch up the colour somewhat as this is a painting about a painting and divorced from the original context.Continue reading “2001”


Sales of paintings have been very few and far between but todays work is loosely a take on Night Streaming ; the largest painting I have sold since leaving college – and it came through an online gallery back at that time.  Of course nowadays a helluva lot of work is being shifted this way butContinue reading “1999”


For today’s offering one of the ‘dribbles’ – Tuscan Umbrella is a painting that was a retake of an earlier canvas Verpiana Brolly made in 97 and seen in the show in Leiden (it was the one in front of me in yesterday’s photo of the paintings installed in the Kunstcentrum). By 98 the ‘dribbler’Continue reading “1998”


Anyone who knows my practice well knows that several projects usually proceed in parallel. So choosing a single image from a single work in a single year is quite an odd way of representing it. I’ve written elsewhere that this magpie approach is detrimental to building a ‘brand’ but that’s the way I go andContinue reading “1995”


I mentioned the show in Trieste yesterday. Today’s picture is a rework of an image in a suite of paintings on paper that made up one of the works in the show – Kiss But Don’t Tell. These paintings are all lost now. The suite (all made in Verpiana at our friends place) was accompaniedContinue reading “1994”

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